Organisation of Pupils

Organisation of Pupils

In Key Stage 3 (Years 8-10), the pupils are placed in classes according to their ability in order to enable them to reach their full potential in their years at the school. Initial placements in Year 8 are based on the information available from assessments relating to Year 7 in particular.

All placements are subject to continuous review by the Pastoral Team comprising Heads of Key Stages, Co-Ordinator of Special Educational Needs and Heads of Year. Formal Reviews take place usually following annual school examinations at Christmas and in June.

At the end of Year 10, before entering Key Stage 4 (Years 11-12), pupils select their subject options for GCSE. At this stage, pupils are placed in class according to the subject options available in that particular school year.  We make every effort to provide each individual pupil with the best possible educational experiences in order to meet effectively their needs and abilities.

Educational Support

We aim to provide:-

• a caring, orderly, safe, and stimulating environment;

• a broad and balanced curriculum suitable to each pupil’s age, interests, needs and ability;

• regular information on academic and pastoral progress and general school matters;

• an annual parent-teacher meeting for each year group;

• early warning of problems which may be connected to work, relationships, or conduct;

• an efficient and fair system of dealing with concerns or complaints;

• home visits where parents/carers cannot come to school; and

• prompt access to staff for the purposes of consultation. 

Special Educational Needs

St Brigid’s College places a particular emphasis on providing effectively for pupils with special educational needs, including those across all abilities and ages who experience challenge in the learning of English and Mathematics and those with physical, emotional, behavioural and social needs in order to ensure that each individual pupil is enabled to develop and achieve to their full potential.

Pupils who have special educational needs are placed at the appropriate stage of the Code of Practice and the school, in consultation with the pupils and the parents, implements appropriate support plans.

All pupils identified as experiencing barriers to their learning will be monitored by the Co-ordinator of Special Educational Needs, who will liaise with relevant external agencies to support the pupil.

The school has an Irish-Medium Stream for those pupils who have experienced an Irish-Medium primary education.

The school is committed to supporting pupils for whom English is not their first language and it has teams who work with and support these pupils in the classroom and by providing additional withdrawal help.

All pupils identified with additional needs have an Education Plan which is drawn up in consultation with the pupil and the parents and implemented to ensure that the pupils are supported effectively and are enabled to improve their learning experiences and attainments. 

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